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“Stan’s piano-playing provides imposing forward momentum and adroitly pointed contributions throughout.“

FANFARE, USA 2007 – Evan Dickerson

Piano Concerto

(composers in alphabetical order)


BEETHOVEN No. 1 in C Major op. 15
No. 2 in B flat Major op. 19
No. 3 in C Minor op. 37
No. 4 in G Major op. 58
No. 5 in E flat Major op. 73
Triple Concerto in C Major op. 56

BRAHMS No. 1 in D Minor op. 15
No. 2 in B flat Major op. 83

CHOPIN No. 1 in E Minor op. 11
No. 2 in F Minor op. 21

FRANCK Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra

GRIEG Concerto in A Minor op. 16

LISZT No. 2 in A Major

MOZART No. 20 in D Minor K. 466
No. 23 in A Major K. 488

RACHMANINOFF No. 2 in C Minor op. 18

RAVEL Concerto for the Left Hand in D Major

SCHUMANN Concerto in A Minor op. 54

SKRJABIN Concerto in F sharp Minor op. 20

TSCHAIKOWSKY Concerto No. 1 in B flat Minor op. 23